Our partnership for the Heritage Sector

There is a new opportunity for museums, heritage organisations and related agencies to develop business skills whilst recovering from the lockdown, skills in resilience and inclusive planning and strategy to identify risk and solutions towards intersectional, inclusive practice and the representative workforce.

DCN (Disability Collaborative Network CIC) and EMBED have collaborated to create a unique cross-sector partnership to support thousands of diverse museums and heritage organisations on their inclusion journey.

This is underpinned by cross-sector skills and learning from experienced experts that work with the museum’s collections, and their additional assets – their staff, volunteers and visitors.

Skills and knowledge sharing will include intersectional inclusive strategic planning, resilience training for business development, how to create inclusive workplaces, how to develop a diverse representative workforce and how to ensure an inclusive visitor experience.

For further information on how we can help go to www.embed.org.uk

All training will reflect the social model of disability, current legislation, current museum and heritage guidance, matured models of best practice and support for all organisations no matter their size, budget or stakeholder responsibilities.

DCN and EMBED will support organisations in key learning during and from the lockdown period, including flexible working patterns, remote and home working and digital strategy development.

The partnership will also be considerate of the budgetary constraints of the sector in the post lockdown world and will offer supplementary support through free of charge or low-cost podcasts and webinars during lockdown at these difficult and untested times.

DCN/EMBED is keen to collaborate with other organisations and enhance intersectional inclusive practice in profile and practice in the sector.


Note to Editors: DCN is the Disability Collaborative Network CIC which was created in 2015 as an online resource of good practice and standards across sectors. 

Since connecting with cross-sector agencies and support, DCN lead by Becki Morris has worked to facilitate cross-sector learning, guidance and skills into the Heritage and Culture Sector.

EMBED is a consortium of professional independent consultants with in excess of 30 years’ experience in the development and cultural transformation of organisations across the private sector including corporate, public sector and charitable sector. 

At its core, EMBED is about equality, diversity, inclusion and accessibility for all.

EMBED’s primary purpose is to offer a cost-effective, cross-sector expert-based model, that calls on sector or topic-specific experts and partner organisations to help us to offer the most appropriate equality, diversity, accessibility and inclusion services and solutions to our clients.

EMBED offers an informed, structured and planned approach to implementing real cultural change. We know that one size does not fit all, and we take a user and organisation-led approach to ensuring that each piece of work we deliver is fully aligned to the needs and constraints of each client

For further information please contact:

Becki Morris Director of the Disability Collaborative Network C.I.C. Email: info@musedcn.org.uk Website: www.musedcn.org.uk

Sarah Simcoe Director – DMS (Wirral) Ltd Creator and Founder – EMBED powered by DMS (Wirral) Ltd

Email: info@embed.org.uk Website: www.embed.org.uk

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