UK Cultural Organisations join up to promote 7 Inclusive Principles for Disabled People in Arts and Culture


Campaigning cultural organisations We Shall Not Be Removed, Ramps on the Moon, Attitude is Everything, Paraorchestra and What Next? have joined together to create a new guide for the arts and entertainment sectors to support disability inclusion.

On Tuesday 15 September, they launched Seven Inclusive Principles for Arts & Cultural Organisations working safely through COVID-19 to complement the suite of guidance documents already issued by UK Governments and sector support organisations. 

The Principles highlight the importance of: legal obligations, combating ableism in the sector, consulting directly with disabled people, comprehensive public information on COVID measures, remapping the customer journey, engagement of disabled artists and celebrating disability in the workforce.   

The 7  Inclusive Principles can be found here:

DCN is a member of We Shall Not Be Removed and contributed to the document, this includes DCN and EMBED Reopening Recommendations Support Service: 


7 Inclusive Principles for the Arts In COVID-19

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