About DCN

We are a group of committed museum professionals have set up the Disability Cooperative Network. We are working with national charities, organisations, people with disabilities, academics, groups, disability networks in other sectors, curators and managers to promote and embed inclusive practice in the heritage and cultural sector

This website is a forum for the museum sector and to further connect with charities, groups and individuals.
This website will include case studies, specialist knowledge and information for both the service delivery in the heritage and cultural sector and recruitment and retention of disabled talent in the workplace.

Our aims

  1. To create a new way of holistic thinking for inclusive practice in visiting and working in the heritage and cultural sector.
  2. To link into existing social frameworks and thinking within the sector such as ‘Museums Change Lives’ (Museums Association) and ‘Equality and Diversity in the Arts and Cultural Sector’ (Arts Council England)
  3. To provide a consultation to a long term strategy and accompanying actions for inclusive practice in the service delivery and workplace.
  4. Challenge existing practice and create cost-effective, inclusive ways of thinking within the sector.
  5. Provide a glossary of accepted terminology and available legislation through partners. To develop the culture and identity of disability within the heritage sector.