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Inclusive Recruitment Tool for the Heritage Sector

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Monday, 01 April 2019


The Disability Collaborative Network welcomed Equality and Diversity heads, Human Resources staff from Museums and Heritage Organisations to hear about an inclusive recruitment tool which supports employers and employees at all levels across the 9 Protective Characteristics. 

For the Heritage Sector, this means a person does not need to identify as disabled or neurodivergent, instead everyone in the organisation creates an online passport to identify any reasonable adjustments they would benefit from. It covers all of the 9 Protected Characteristics including childcare provision, carer responsibilities, chronic illness, temporary disability as well as developmental disability and neurodiversity.   

Data is collected anonymously and shows the growth of diversity in the workforce of the organisation and be collated overall to the sector.

ClearTalents At Work has enabled reductions in staff sickness by 1 day per employee per year. Both ClearTalents in Recruitment and ClearTalents At Work schemes have increased disclosure from 5% to 65%.

ClearTalents At Work supports DSE assessment. The passport has also been used as recruitment and retention (on boarding) tool for apprenticeships and traineeships.

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DCN was founded by museum professionals in 2015 as an online resource tool for museums and heritage organisations of all sizes, budgets and stakeholders in respect to standards, case studies and information regarding inclusive practice in service provision, workforce and working practice in the sector as a whole.  

Since 2015, we have expanded to connect across sectors, organisations, agencies and individuals in respect to collaboration and best practice for disabled and neurodivergent people.  This includes Central Government, Digital provision, Corporate, Third and Creative Sectors where we have membership of working groups to develop projects, supported initiatives and sharing knowledge with the Heritage Sector.

Becki Morris, Director of Disability Collaborative Network C.I.C.
Email:  Mob:  07455 896213   


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Contact Claire Jones 07825 166 136

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