Art as Advocacy: Inclusive Curating

Art as Advocacy is a recent study exploring inclusive and accessible approaches to curating by learning disabled artists, examining whether curating can be an effective way for this group to communicate collective political concerns out into the public realm. Via a practice-led research approach, it brought together members of self-advocacy group Halton Speak Out and members of Bluecoat’s inclusive arts project Blue Room, to curate a visual arts exhibition titled Auto Agents. These curators developed an exhibition theme, collaborated with artists, commissioned new artwork and designed accessible interpretation for audiences. This attention to the curatorial process resulted in curating not only becoming more usable by more people, but also more transparent and rigorous. By achieving this, this research delineates to understanding the processes and practices by which our cultural spaces can be democratised
This research is now featured on a website  alongside an archive of project material. Together with the thesis text, the website contains images, videos, transcripts, plans and hyperlinks illuminating the inclusive and participatory approaches underpinning the action-research project.​ Over time, additional resources, publications and a summary video will be added to this website. Please check back for updates. If you have questions or would like further information please contact Dr Jade French via
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