Launching soon: Museum of the Labelled: Neurodiversity Heritage (MA Conference Festival of Change)

Disability Co-operative Network

This exciting project will be launching at the Festival of Change at the Museums Association Conference on
Friday 17 November.
Jess Starns from Dyspraxic Me and DCN  will be there at Manchester so do get in touch if you are interested in the project. Or email via or

What is the Museum of the Labelled?

Jess and DCN believe that museums can influence society. ‘Museum of the Labelled’ will help to break down barriers, stereotypes and give the participants confidence and self-awareness. Museum of the Labelled’ will gather people’s thoughts and experiences, positive and negative, to raise awareness of neurodiversity in society.  We are seeking what objects and archives are out there in pre-existing museum/archive collections.

To enhance ‘Labelled’, Jess would also like members of the wider community to submit online their own stories, research, art and thoughts throughout the project. Participants will gain an understanding of themselves, give them an opportunity to be involved with a creative project and to develop a sense of belonging and improved wellbeing.

Further details/information will be given on this website on Friday 17 November at 10am.

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