Revised Questions for #museumhour tonight (31.07.2017) at 20.00 UK Time

Disability Co-operative Network

Our topic hosted by History of Place (@H_O_P)and us (@museumDCN) tonight is

Inclusive Practice in Museums for better service delivery and diverse workforce.

Remember to use the hashtag #museumhour and the discussion runs from 20.00 to 21.00.

Here are the questions

Q1 – What does inclusive practice mean to you? Does it extend to staff or just visitors?

Q2 – Tell us about your inclusive projects or innovations, big and small.

Q3 – How can museums create work with staff and community groups that values people for their unique skills and insights?

Q4 – Is your museum aware of the concept of the ‘social model’ of disability and is it something that shapes what you do?

Q5 – What can we do as a sector to raise recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce? Is there a place for unpaid internships?

Statement – There has been a debate how a minimum wage has limited access for disabled people in the workplace. Read

Q6 – How can we have a more joined up approach with other sectors concerned with similar issues – from attitude to access?

Q7- How can museums use digital technology as an enabler? Tell us about your projects.

Q8- What are the main barriers to inclusive access and how can we break them down?


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