Consultation Opportunity (Questionnaire) Dyslexia and the Impact of Managerial Practices Research

Disability Co-operative Network


I’m trying to determine whether or not there is a relationship between managerial practices, and the impact on people with dyslexia regarding employment stability.

The study involves the completion of a short questionnaire which is available online and will take approximately 40 minutes to complete. Please click on the web link below to take part in the online questionnaire.

Link –

Secondly in-depth interviews are available for anyone who would like to contribute further to the research and should last approximately two hours.

If you would like to participate in an interview and want to find out more, please email me at:

The deadline is 19th July 2017.

Many thanks

Dean Smith

University of Stirling

Signly – a great app for sign language


Signly is an app which displays pre-recorded sign language videos on a user’s mobile, enabling better access to written content for d/Deaf sign language users.  Signly can be used for trails, posters, leaflets and forms.

Information regarding the app and links are here



NEWS: Reimagining the neurodiverse performance space – participants required

Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry

Culture Coventry are looking for participants in the following project:


Neuroaesthetics explores the synergy between the needs and interests of neurodiverse audiences, with the fascinations and performance modes utilised by live artists. Working in collaboration with young people who are largely non-verbal, with severe needs, the artists will be challenged to find meaningful points of collaboration, and together radically re-imagine the neurodiverse performance space.

Each artist will explore and reconfigure their distinct practice in this highly unpredictable, ‘extra live’ context with the support and guidance of the two lead artists. It is anticipated that seeing their work through this new lens and receiving unmediated audience responses will provoke rich new creative lines of enquiry.

Neuroaesthetics looks to challenge ideas of risk in a highly safeguarded area of work, and dismantle the idea of a fixed a ‘disabled theatre’ aesthetic to make way for new possibilities of making performance for and with this often sidelined group of individuals.

Application and further details:

Applications are open for artists to take park in the project this October.
The deadline for applications is Mon 19 June at 12noon.
Further details including how to apply are here:


NEWS: Consultation opportunity for disabled people at the Welllcome Collection

Disability Co-operative Network

Wellcome Collection are calling out to disabled visitors to user test designs for a forthcoming exhibition.
We would like to test the heights of exhibition cases, label angles and exhibition texts in
Gallery 1 Monday 5 June at 10am or 2pm.

To sign up or find out more contact

We have an exhibition in development called Can Graphic Design Save Your Life? which will open our ground floor gallery at Wellcome Collection in early September.

We’re currently evaluating and improving our inclusive design process and will be trying out various models of user test over the coming year. In the immediate term though we would like to set up a small group to give us feedback on prototype showcase and labels before we commit to building all of the exhibition furniture for this September exhibition. We know from visitor feedback that we sometimes get showcase height & design, and label position & design wrong so would appreciate the chance to run this test, build cases in response to user panel comments, and then monitor feedback through the exhibition’s run.

We are looking for adult participants in the London area. We are running two session – at 10am and 2pm each with a total of 6 participants.  We could also run an early evening session if necessary.

Sessions will take place in our ground floor gallery and we’ll have a prototype showcase, object labels and some of the exhibition’s texts to get responses to.

We will reimburse travel and lunch expenses by cash or bankers draft.