The Employers Stammering Network

Employers Stammering Network

What is it?

The Employers Stammering Network is a membership network of employers where Network members and supporters are committed to creating a culture where people who stammer can achieve their full career potential.

Launched in 2013, Employers Stammering Network members employ over 1.5 million people, with employees who stammer playing a leading role

The Employers Stammering Network is hosted by the British Stammering Association and is the first network of its kind anywhere

Why have a network?

In many workplaces there is little awareness or understanding of the issues that affect the 500,000 adults in the UK who stammer. Since people who stammer may go to great lengths to hide it, their colleagues may not realise what they are going through

Employers rate highly the qualities that people who stammer often possess, including resilience, empathy, listening skills and creativity. However research tells us that a huge stigma surrounds stammering and discrimination is commonplace.

We’re here to change this and show that’s it’s totally OK to stammer at work.

What do we do?

  • Increase awareness and understanding of stammering, making it possible to speak openly about it
  • Help members develop and lead internal networks to support positive change and build confidence amongst employees who stammer
  • Strengthen and develop partnerships between and beyond our members
  • Share learning and practice and provide mutual member support.

Four examples of activities

  1. Campaign posters to raise interest and challenge stereotypes
  • With pro bono support from Ogilvy & Mather we have a fantastic set of templates that members have adapted for posters, banners and leaflets.
  • These feature real individuals who stammer and demonstrate their strengths, why they are an asset to their employers and how both employers and employees benefit from being themselves at work.

EY launched their version to great effect on International Stammering Awareness Day on 22 October 2015.

EY Poster - Dinesh

  1. Ground-breaking workshops
  • We have run a very successful series of three workshops for employees who stammer (first series by invitation to members) on Re-defining Stammering at Work. We plan to re-run this
  • We also offer a workshop for HR, recruitment, diversity & inclusion, line and counselling managers, open to members and non-members (reduced fee for member organisations). This can also be offered in-house to employers by arrangement (fee)

For more information on workshops please contact Helen Carpenter, ESN Membership Manager or 020 8983 1003

  1. Events

We hold high-profile networking events for member organisations and supporters

Speakers Event - Nov 2015
Speakers Event – Nov 2015
  1. Information and advice
  • Our dedicated web pages provide a lot of useful information available to all employees and employers
  • We also provide briefing and information packs on stammering and communication at work for members

Do you support the Employers Stammering Network and the British Stammering Association? Six ways to stay in touch

Can we help you?

  • Perhaps you are planning an event at your workplace related to stammering or want some help in doing so?
  • Want more information about how your organisation can join the Employers Stammering Network?
  • Or maybe you’d like to explore further with us what you can do in your workplace?

Contact Helen Carpenter, ESN Membership Manager on or 020 8983 1003.

We’re always glad to hear from you!

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